Hello there!
  • I’m Elizabeth Golden, the creative behind eGolden Moments Photography.
  • Describe me in three words: cats, coffee, and creative photography.
  • I shoot approximately 15-20 weddings per year to ensure I give each client my full attention. 
  • I am a natural light photographer who occasionally uses flash to add creativity to the shot. 
  • I love my job so much because, as cliche as it sounds, I get to document you on your happiest day! Plus, wedding food really is the best. 
A little more about me
  • I really like cats. I own three and volunteer weekly at an animal shelter.
  • Coffee is my life. I could not survive a day without it.
  • I’ve forgotten how to communicate without extreme sarcasm.
  • I love traveling. One of my goals is to visit all 50 states. I have one left: New Mexico.
  • I know more than you could ever want to know about camera gear, so if you’re looking to purchase, I can probably answer all your questions.
  • Did I mention I like cats? 
My Style
  • I’m a photojournalist from start to finish. I got my start as a newspaper reporter/photographer, so all events I photograph will have that candid feel.
  • I much rather catch you laughing with family and friends than shove you into some stereotypical pose.
  • The best moments come seconds after the fake smiles wear off.
  • I strive to be extremely creative with all my shots.
  • I love beautiful skies, blurry backgrounds and intimate moments.